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An Introduction to Mattson and Sherrod, Inc.

Mattson and Sherrod, Inc. is not a conventional jury research firm. We are a trial strategy firm that assists attorneys in developing a persuasive jury strategy. Toward this end, we conduct “mock trial” research exercises to determine how jurors in a venue will view the issues of a case. Then, in coordination with the attorneys, we help design a comprehensive trial strategy embodied in a narrative opening statement. The trial strategy is then tested and refined in subsequent research.

Mattson and Sherrod, Inc. has over twenty years of experience assisting clients facing complex civil litigation. Our firm is led by Ph.D. social scientists who specialize in the psychology of courtroom persuasion. Mattson and Sherrod, Inc. offers a variety of professional services in addition to trial strategy development, including jury selection, witness preparation, shadow juries and post-trial jury interviews. Our clients are primarily Fortune 500 companies, but we have also worked with government agencies and non-profit organizations.

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